Browyn Sawatzky

Browyn Sawatzky

University of Calgary

I want to thank my mom and dad are my inspiration. You inspired me to travel and see different cultures and ways of life. You inspired me to work hard and strive for success. You taught me money is precious and to save and spend it wisely, on things that really matter. You showed me true love, but also that there will always be tough times, and instead of giving up you must put in the time, effort, and care to make things work, because nothing good comes easily. You showed me how to be the best I can be and how to improve in big and small ways, each and everyday.

But you are not the average parents by any means. Although you have taught me so many amazing things, what I also love so much about you is you don't feel restricted by an age. You're not afraid to join me on the dance floor or pick up a backpack and come to Asia with me. You don't care what other people think and you never let judgments restrict you. I can be serious, and get real, incredible advice from you, but then I can also act silly and laugh with you until I cry. You can be dressed to the nines and go kill it at a business meeting, then turn around and be my roomie in a hostel while eating bugs in Thailand. You are superheroes without capes. You are my superheroes.

But with you that generosity reaches out farther then with just me. It reaches out to my friends. The ones who will come over even when I'm not home, just to come see you. The ones who come knocking on our door for advice from you because they don't feel comfortable going to their own parents. The ones you took in when their parents were unsuited to further take care of them and help them finish school. You care about more then just yourselves and your family. You care about everyone. Our town. Our neighbours. Our whole community. You treat everyone like they are our family and the respect and love you receive back because of that has been visible all throughout our lives. There is a reason why everyone knows who you are around town, and why everyone wants to know you better. Your love for everyone and desire to make this community, and this world a better place is one of my biggest impirations of all. Through volunteer work both locally and abroad, giving others a helping hand and asking for nothing in return, for giving other business competitors advice, just because you want to see the town benefit more then your wallet. It is truly beautiful what you two do, and I am confident when I am older that I will follow in your footsteps, and dedicate my time and money into efforts that go beyond my own interests, and can benefit the community, the environment, or hopefully even the world.

You have worked so hard for every penny you have earned and continue to work long hours everyday to help put me and Coral through school. I know you try to hide it, but I do see how hard you work and I can't express how greatly I appreciate all that you do for my future. You work so hard to help us reach our goals, while also working hard for yours, because you know it's never too late to go live your dream. Especially when you have done so much to deserve it.

You have been through so much in your life, but because of that you have showed me how to grow, to always respect others, and to always be kind and humble. And best of all, you have done it all by example, not just words. I could never say thank you enough for all you have done for me. I will continue to try to show my love to you in more then just words, but for now in this letter.... I love you.

Thank you.

Your Brinny

xx B