Thank You Mom and Dad

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How To Win

Write a thank you letter to the most important people in your life for your chance to win $20,000*.

(Open to Canadian Students 16+)

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  • Who are you guys?

    Thanks for asking. We’re the Student Life Network, a division of Square Crop Studios Inc. We have lots of experience with student life, and we’ve developed a great network that allows us to find out what students want out of their school career. And now, we’ve teamed up with some fantastic sponsors and put together a series of contests to reward Canadian students. Like this one.

  • So, what’s this contest all about?

    Our dream is to make student life better, and it’s a recurring dream. And this time, it’s about helping students repay the most important people in their lives—their loved ones. That’s going to come in the form of $20,000. Yup. 20 grand, courtesy of the good folks at CIBC. All for your parents. They deserve it.

  • Can I really win $20,000?

    Yep. Sure can. Well, you win the $20,000 FOR YOUR parents. But we’ll let you figure that out with them. First, we’ll cut you an oversized check for $20,000. They’re really beautiful in real life. Then, we’re going to work with you on how to best surprise your parents. It’s the best part.

2017 Winner

Christina, McMaster University