Pascale Higham-leisen

Pascale Higham-leisen

Dear Mama and Daddy,

Thank you for encouraging my love for education by taking me on trips to museums and galleries, for always having intelligent and communicative discussions with me and for ALWAYS buying me a book if I asked for one.

Mama, the doors you have opened for me through your community and passion has taught me there are no mistakes in art and I should do what I love. Having you as my Mom is a blessing. Whenever I meet your students, you have touched each one of them with your compassion, intelligence, kindness, and wit. I won the mom lottery.

Daddy, thank you for listening. Through your attentiveness I have learned to listen to everyone's opinions and their thoughts on the world and why people create the art I look at so frequently. Even if I am studying artists of the past, through listening to professors or quotes I have learned more than I could ever imagine.

I know many people will say in these letters that they have the best parents. Mom, Dad, even though you are separated and co-parenting, you always try your best and that's what makes you fantastic parents. You were both at every volleyball game, every concert, every birthday, and at every one of my life milestones. Together you united as parents to raise me and put my wellbeing above all else. You both are the most loyal, kind, intelligent, and hilarious parents I have ever known. I'm incredibly lucky to have parents that want to learn from me just as much as I want to learn from them. I love you.

Sincerely, your daughter,