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Kaitlin Lesco

Kaitlin Lesco

To Mom and Dad,
There has been no stronger glue to our family than you both. By supporting not only me but Natalie as well it is evident that this family runs on your support. I haven't made the past four years easy. Transferring universities TWICE, and degrees countless numbers of times, running off track more than once, surprising you with a puppy in first year almost having me kicked out of residence, and becoming chronically ill hasn't made any of our lives easy, especially for you both. Sometimes I look back at what I have put you both through, oftentimes in fact, and beyond being so sorry I am so thankful that you have offered me time and time again so many opportunities to continue following my dreams. I hope that beyond everything you have had to do for me at the end of my bachelor's degree I will be able to make you so proud and be able to offer you something after everything you've given me. You are the best parents anyone could ask for, your love, forgiveness, patience, care, and support goes a long way. I hope one day I will be able to provide you both with everything you have ever wanted such that you have given me.
This is for you both.
Love, love and more love,
Your daughter, Kaitlin

Thank You Mom & Dad

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