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Hailey Flikkema

Hailey Flikkema

My mom deserves the biggest thank you in the entire world. She has given everything for me and my brother despite heartache, financial struggles, family mishaps, and emotional illnesses. When my dad abandoned my family, she held us together. She became mother, father, best friend, and most importantly of all, my eternal confidant and number one fan. She has given her happiness to work at my grandfather's business so that she could make enough money to allow us all of the comfort and opportunity that she could. Without my mom, there is no way that I would have been able to overcome chronic migraines, anxiety, and the intense stress of high school.
My mom is my best friend and seeing her is easily the best part of my day. She deserves as many thank you's as I can muster because she puts up with everything that I throw at her. She still takes me on hikes even though I gripe the whole way up. She listens to my incessant word barf at the end of the day. She is my best friend, and life wouldn't be worth living without her.
Thank you Momma!

Thank You Mom & Dad

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