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Brooke Gilmour

Brooke Gilmour

Throughout every phase of my life, I can always think of two people who have been there through it all, my parents. From a young age my parents supported any decision I made, even when It affected them. As I got older I had a hard time finding my career path. I was so passionate about dancing/choreographing as well as going to school to gain a career in the health field. My indecisiveness caused financial burden time and time again, as I technically went to school twice for separate things. Nonetheless, they continued to support my hopes and dreams even if I had a hard time picking between the two. When I was dancing they never once questioned driving me back and forth to rehearsals or when I was in school they would always help me pay for tuition/ books or whatever I needed. As I graduate and try to figure out what is next for me, I know they will stick by me and encourage me to do what I think is best even if its not easy on them financially. I am truly thankful to have people who love me unconditionally and support me indefinitely.

Thank You Mom & Dad

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