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Jaycee Tebb

Jaycee Tebb

I want to thank my mom and dad because they have been there for me through everything that i have achieved in. Even though they are divorced and it was hard i still love and appreciate everything they each do for me. My dad supporting me through my last year highschool and loving me endlessly and making sure i have everything that i need. While my mom moved two hours away from me but does her best to make sure that i have everything that i need. Knowing that i have this support makes me unconditionally happy. My mother would do anything for me in a drop of a dime she was the one that made my college dreams for pursuing my volleyball career by flying my out to my college to play. I wanna thank them for letting me to be able to prosper my goals in life by one step at a time, going from high school volleyball now onto college and hopefully my biggest dream would to play for team Canada. And i know that they will do they hardest to let me make that happen. I have want to thank them for letting me be who i wanted to be without any limits and making sure that i was strong enough to knock down any obstacles that will come in my way. Thank you Mom and Dad for making me who i have become today.

Thank You Mom & Dad

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