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Zainab Al-koubaisi

Zainab Al-koubaisi

True support that can never be replaced and a selfless act of giving that can be seen from a glimpse sight into your face. Happy hearted as you continue to give me all that I longed for, and proud of every step I decide to take. Accepting of my mistakes and knowing they will only make me grow. Nestling me from the moment I was born and in moments of happiness and sadness. Kindred spirit is a bond I share with you, and the path that has helped me learn who I am today. Yearning to see me achieve all that I have wanted in life and more. Overjoyed with my accomplishments and pushing me to take the extra mile. Unconditional love that deserves all the caring and happiness that I pray I am able to give you.The first letter of every sentence has built what I want to say, and that is thank you mom and dad for everything.

Thank You Mom & Dad

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