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Rafia Babar

Rafia Babar

My gratitude goes to my mom, who gave up her entire life to raise me to be the woman I am today. She was only twenty years old doing a sociology degree all while supporting her family in Bangladesh. You can imagine how her life turned upside down when she had me. Nevertheless, it was an easy decision for her to give up her education in order to take care of me. Since there were no such things as daycares and my father was in Canada at the time (trying to get immigration papers for my mother), my mother was practically raising me alone. Hoping for a better quality of life in Canada, my mother left her family and old life behind for me. You can imagine how terrifying this would be for someone whose native language isn’t English to move to Canada. She was a "supermom", she adjusted to Canadian lifestyle steadily, managing to take English Classes, going to a hairdressing school, and raising two children. Here we are 19 years later, I'm going to university and living a life my mom wasn't able to. I am forever grateful for the education I've received and I will never take it for granted. She sacrificed every minute of her life so that I could learn. I hope that one I hope I can repay you one day and make you proud.

Thank You Mom & Dad

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