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Salena Tucker

Salena Tucker

I want to thank my dad because in 2014 he was injured while at work and is now permanently disabled.This was extremely hard for my family as he was the main income supplier in our household and also, we were all used to him being able to run and do all kinds of things that now are not possible. My dad has always supported me with everything i have done, especially school wise. He has always been there to help me with my homework and take me to my after school lessons. My family is extremely close but we have gone through alot of hardships in the last few years. We have struggled with medical problems, loss of loved ones, financial stress and much more but at the end of the day we have always been there for one another, but especially my dad. I would love to thank him and my mother with this money because it would mean the world to them and allow them to fulfill their dreams and relieve their stress. My dad is the most intelligent, caring, and strong man i have ever known. If anyone deserves and needs this, i know its him.

Thank You Mom & Dad

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