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Carley Roller

Carley Roller

I want to thank my mom because she has fought for me to succeed in life by supporting me. She has been my hero, for as long as I can remember. She is dedicated to making my life as happy as it could possibly be. My mom put me through all sorts of after school activities until she found one that suited me instead of pushing me into doing something I was bad at, like gymnastics… I was not a dextrous kid. After that, for the next seven years she took me to every swim practice, and swim meet there was. At the end she was even taking me five days a week. My mom has always been there for me in a kind-supporting manner. My mom is not strict, but she is kind, and fair.

We lived in my childhood hometown for nine years before moving away when I was thirteen. At first, I thought it would be interesting to move away and meet new people, but I quickly learned that moving away during middle school would not be an easy time. Kids were not kind. I was the kid with the bad acne, glasses, knee braces, and teeth braces, and I was a little overweight (due to the bad knees and stopping swimming). After I started swimming again, I lost weight, and the acne started going away, but I still had problems at school. I somehow managed to get in with the “cool kids.” This was a problem because I was the goofy kid that juggled and wore a moose hat to school. I knew this girl from when I was very young and she welcomed me into her group when no one else did. The people in that group were unkind to me, and I started to feel very alone. As soon as I moved there a new element was introduced: drinking, and drugs. I was very adamant to abstain from drinking and drugs. I was still peer pressured, and people would try to even slip alcohol in my drinks. They were the only friends I had, and I still liked them. I told my mom about my friends drinking, and how I didn’t want to. She never freaked out about my friends drinking or me going to parties, she just said, you can text me a code word and I can come get you at any time no matter what. She knew about my loneliness about feeling different for not wanting to drink. She only just supported me about it. I could always tell my mom anything no matter how bad it was. Having an adult to listen to me like that and never get upset was one of the best things I had growing up. I always appreciated that. Without my mom, I could have been very alone.

Luckily, my loneliness sprouted my desire to learn and study. I loved doing well in school because my mom was always so proud. It felt like an initiative to keep succeeding. She would never be upset about bad grades, but she would always support the good grades. I think that helped me be more optimistic. This work ethic led me to succeed in high school, which was a big deal for getting into university. As soon as I knew I wanted to go to university for biology, and environmental studies, my mom started researching the classes, the application deadlines, the residences, and more. Meanwhile, my nose was in the books. My mom would rush me about all sorts of applications and paperwork, which at the time I thought was useless because I needed the time to study. Today, I realize what a big deal the application, and paperwork really was. It makes me laugh because I was so focused on trying to have good grades, I almost didn’t apply at all. I was so lucky, I got my acceptance letter to my dream school, and It was all thanks to my mom!

Still, my mom goes above and beyond for me. Recently I moved back to the city of my dream school after going to my hometown college for two years. My mom drove down with us. She helped us unpack the entire truck, which took around five or six hours. Our friend was supposed to come over and help lift the heavier things because of my bad knees, but he didn’t show. My mom pushed me out of the way and carried the heavier stuff. My mom is like Wonder Woman, only better. She is such a dork and makes me smile every day. I miss living in the same town as her. She’s my best friend. My mom is my greatest support, and I feel like I can never thank her enough. So mom, if you’re reading this I want you to know how much I love and appreciate you. Thank you.

Thank You Mom & Dad

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