Enam Alsrayheen

I want to thank my husband and son for their love and social support to help me to be where I am right now. They have provided me with an incredible physical and social environment to become a powerful woman with a successful career. They are not only my great family in Canada but also my amazing friends who are always there for me. Living as an immigrant in Canada, they are the shine of my life that keeps me happy and empower me to be a great wife, mother, and lover. We have spent a tremendous and quality time together travelling across Canada and enjoying so many fun summer and winter activities.
I appreciate the times that my husband babysat our son when I had to attend scientific conferences and workshops in different Canadian provinces or overseas. I appreciate that my husband gave me all the family savings to pay my tuition fees. I really loved it when my ten years old son said: "Momy! You can finish your school assignment, while dad and I prepare dinner". Their incredible support has helped me chase my dream of becoming a scientist.

I Love my husband and son so much, and I am grateful for all the help and support they provided to me.