Jordan Desai

Dear Mom,

You never had it easy. While you were growing up, you were the daughter of a refugee and a struggling businessman. When your parents told you that they could not afford to send you away to university, your entire world shattered and I know you felt as though your dreams were not possible. Regardless of this, you were able to earn your degree in your hometown, and pursue a bright and hopeful future. Six years later, I was born.

Unfortunately, my father (who has now passed on) developed an addiction that made him unable to take on his role, or fulfill his duties as a Dad. He left you alone with two young children. While you were a full-time parent, you became a part-time graduate student. Between school drop-offs, sports practice, gymnastics class, and art class, you still managed to obtain your degree. You now hold a Bachelor of Arts, and a Masters of Science. In 2010, when you began your non-profit organization, you once again, put yourself behind others and worked endlessly to ensure that children who wanted to play sports, could. Regardless of financial difficulties. You are so selfless, and I have always admired that about you.

Over my twenty-two years, you proved to me that success is possible, no matter what the obstacles are. You showed me that if you want something enough, you are the only person who can make your dreams come true. You taught me how to be a woman who is strong, independent, and resilient. You are my role model, my best friend, and a true superhero.

I love you with my entire heart.