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Sofia Arcilla

Sofia Arcilla

Although everyone else is thanking their biological parents, for me, i will be thanking my grandma. In spite of the fact that she is no long here, i will be forever grateful for she has raised me to what i am today.

Thank you to my grandma, that raised me for 14 years, serving as both my mom and dad. I remember when i was a kid, i would throw these tantrums, but she had a lot of patience for me; and treated the situation rather well. I thank her for her patience. Furthermore, I thank her for leading me to God, as she has allowed me to be closer to God. I believe that as i grew up, i realized that God works miracles, and I thank my grandma for introducinh me to God. There are many more reasons as to why i am thankful for her, but i will cut it short and say; I am thankful that God has given me the best, possible grandma there was. She is indeed an incredible woman and a an incredible mom. There is not a day I thank her for the opportunities and memories she has given. Hence, I thank you, Grandma.


Thank You Mom & Dad

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