Crystal Sau

In a lot of ways, you taught me the most valuable things that school and books never could. Nobody showed me the cruelty of reality better than you. It was you who opened my eyes and made me acknowledge that the world is not a kind or considerate place. Knowing of your immigration to Canada brings me severe heartache because of the adversities that you faced in the process. It is a terrible thing to know that the most courageous, loving, and determined person you know experienced circumstances that are much less than desirable, possibly unthinkable, and exposed their vulnerability. Yet you powered through, and here you are today. Continuing to endure your worst fears and working at a company that goes against your moral beliefs all for the sake of money to support me. I know that everything you do is for my opportunity to a better life than yours. It makes me realize that a mother's love for her child is unmatched in society. I do not think anybody will love me as much as you do and I could not be more grateful. Despite the negative prospects of the world, you have also enlightened me in the beauty of it. In a multitude of ways you are my mentor, protector, and supporter. Most importantly however, you are my mother and I could never fully repay you for the insurmountable knowledge you have given me. For now however, I can begin by saying thank you. Thank you, Mother.