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Keira Allum

Keira Allum

As much as I am blessed be surrounded by loving friends and family, it is truly the support, unconditional love and beautiful mindsets and souls of both my mother and sister that have made me the confident and intelligent young lady that I am today. Their ability to see, accept and love me, is one of the greatest gifts a feeble and lost individual in this demanding world can receive. If I were to recall any struggle or pain that I have gone through in the past, they are always the first to pop into my mind as they have always been there for me. Our mother-daughter(s) relationship is truly a friendship & bond that can never be broken. It has always been us, and it will forever be us. We complain about our struggles and our positions sometimes, but one thing that we have always agreed on is how happy we are to have each other.
Mom, your instantaneous acts of sacrifice, whether it is for my sister and myself or other people, convinced me you could possibly be a superhero. Mom, you provided us with a ground understanding of what it means to be alive on earth, simply proving my superhero theory. Your ability to persevere despite your tribulations will always make you the strongest person I know.

And as for my dear sister, thank you for being my partner in this lifetime. Providing me with the reassurance that I require in a world full of uncertainty. Your free spirit and leading demeanor is truly an admirable trait that I aspire to possess in soon time. Even as my younger sister, in many ways I look up to you (asides from your height) and you inspire me to be stronger everyday.

In various holy texts, the symbol of three constitutes for a triangle, in which three binding interwoven circles that represent unity. It has also been said that the number three is the first number to which the meaning "all" has given, which a holy Triad demonstrates a beginning, a middle and an end.

Our journey between the three of us together is no coincidence. I know for a fact that from the beginning, through the middle and until the end, will I truly know everlasting love and happiness. Thank you to the both of you for being my light.

Thank You Mom & Dad

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