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Sloan Pedersen

Sloan Pedersen

Dear mom,

Words cannot begin to describe my gratitude towards everything you’ve done for me and no list could ever be long enough. You’ve sacrificed so much to not only be there for me whenever I may need it, but to raise me into what I can only hope will be the spitting image of you. Thank you for allowing me to do what I love with never having the pressure to be something more. You let me try every sport this town could offer, and told me I was so much more than a sports team when I was never very good at any of them. You’ve raised me to realize my self worth and how no one could ever take that away from me and for that I am forever grateful. Never will I think I am not good enough for something or someone else. Thank you for being at every band concert and cheering the loudest no matter how embarrassing I say it is. Thank you for being two parents when you should have only have had to fill the role of one. You did the hardest thing I’ve ever watched someone go through and you did it with such grace. Thank you for staying up late and waiting for me to get home safely. Thank you for being my role model, because its the strongest one I’ll ever have and be able to look up to. Thank you for continuing to believe in me no matter how many times I fail or succeed. Thank you for showing me that I will always be capable of so much, no matter how difficult the task at hand is. You’ve been my shoulder to cry on, my number one fan and most importantly my best friend. Thank you for being my mom.

Forever grateful,

Your number one fan

Thank You Mom & Dad

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