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Sharosa Wright

Sharosa Wright

I would love to thank God because in my situation I had no one but God guiding me through. I never knew I would make it out of high school alive because I was bullied so much I wanted to die and the only person that helped me through was God. I grew up with my mother, my father was an alcoholic. My mother would be the second person I thank because she was paying the bills for me to have a place to live, buying food for me to survive and for birthing me of course. Right now I am 19 years old working in a warehouse trying to find a way out of here and going to university to become something in life. If I win the $20,000, I would pay to go to university to fulfill my dreams that I wanted and make my family and friends be proud of me for once. If I don’t win life will go on, I have hope to make it one day either the hard way or the easy way

Thank You Mom & Dad

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