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Daphné Corbeil

Daphné Corbeil

I want to thank my mom and dad because they were always there for me even though rough times... that’s what parents are for. They are good parents, and they want me to have the best education and life in the world. I love them so much. I am and I will always be thankful. They gave me everything I needed and they care for me even if I am not always easy with them. I will take care of them all my life. I wanted to go to a private school and, even if it’s expensive, they gave me the opportunity to go where I wanted. My mom take care of everyone, she is a nurse but, she take care of everybody outside of work. Even if she’s suffering because of her accident last year, she does everything for everybody. My dad, I don’t remember well, but, I know that he was my hero when I was young. We don’t have much in commun but he is generous. They are both good parents for me. I love them.

Thank You Mom & Dad

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