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Brooklin Holbrough

Brooklin Holbrough

I want to thank my mom and dad because they are the bravest, most loving people I know. They've both been through a lot these past few years with my mom being sick, and have always been able to keep their bright lights firmly aglow. They are my heroes, guidposts, and best friends. My mom is the wisest lady I know, she's calm and peaceful and hilarious all at once. She has the brightest sparkle in her eyes, and the most gentle presence. She's also a major badass. She's been through a lot after her second M.S attack four years ago took her ability to walk, and lead the life she had been living. She never lets anything stiffle her radiant spirit though. My dad is the silliest, kindest dude, and I love him more than anything. He and I are a lot alike, so sometimes we argue...but I'm mostly just proud when people see glimmers of him in me. My parents have always supported me with their love and wisdom. I've just finished my first year of school, studying illustration, and while the world may be skeptical of my chosen path, I never get anything but optimism from them and it means the world. They never let me forget how proud they are of me for saving up for and going after my dreams. I know they'll always keep themselves and our family afloat with their bright spirits, even when times are tough. I'm so grateful to them for all they've taught me.

Thank You Mom & Dad

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