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Gabrielle Durocher

Gabrielle Durocher

I want to thank my mom and dad because they have always, ALWAYS have been there for me. No matter what happened, or when, I know that I can always count on them. My father is litterally a modal for me: a hero for all what he is doing everyday with the passion we share, a friend to who I can say absolutely eveeything, but also an experience man always there to give me his best advice. And my mother; she is just as perfect as we could imagine it ! An older version of me with so much more life experience. She is a mix of my protector angel and my best friend. Togheter they have done everyting they could for me in my studies but also in life: pushing me through my limits, help me moved out at more than two houres from home for the studies when I was only fifteen, answering patiently to all my questions (and God knows that everyday I have a lot !), saving money each week in a special count since I'm born only for my studie, etc. And now I think it's their turn to receive a little bit ! They deserve it so much !!

Thank You Mom & Dad

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