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Brett Harrison

Brett Harrison

I want to thank my mom and dad because they have gone above and beyond to help me succeed with my education. My parents have offered to pay for as much of my education as they can afford, they have offered for me to live at home off their money as long as I am in school, and have helped me with transportation for commuting to class. In order to make my parents proud and feel as though they are making the right choice I worked very hard in my first year. My grades went from 70% in high school to a 4.0 GPA in university. The biggest reason why I want to thank my parents is that they are putting all of this money out for me when they will be doing the same thing for my two younger siblings in the near future. This money would be important to me because that will save my parents that money to put towards my little brother and sister’s education.
Thank you for reading my little story and I hope you can consider this.
Best regards,
Brett Harrison

Thank You Mom & Dad

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