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Kaylee Cloutier

Kaylee Cloutier

I want to thank my mom because she is the bomb.com. She has helped me through thick and thin, she has always told me to cold hard truth and has told me how cruel the world can be. Most of my life she was a single parent or with someone, I would call my stepdad. She dealt with my emotional outbursts and me saying nobody loves me, because of my perceived perception of my biological father didn't. The thing is my Dad did love me it is just he chose the drugs, the high or my cousins over me. My Dad tried. My Mom was my rock. Her love language is different than mine which means I sometimes think she doesn't love me. I used to think I ruined my Mom's life because she had me right when she should have been starting her life. In all actuality, I might have made it better. She was never lonely after that I bet, as I was very clingy as a child. If I was to say all the times she helped me and loved me and took care of me I would never have enough space to write it. My Mom deserves the world and nothing short of it. In conclusion, I may not have the perfect Dad but I definitely have the perfect Mom.

Thank You Mom & Dad

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