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Meagan Purvis

Meagan Purvis

I want to thank my mother because we grew up in the most unconventional way, but it worked. We ate sugar, but she never allowed us to forget our vegetables. We played video games but played outside more. We saved animals, hoarded them in our bedrooms, and tried to hatch eggs that came from a carton. (Side note: they rotted and cracked before she found them in the depths of our closets. The smell lasted months). But, throughout all this, we were never lectured on what we did wrong, but rather, we were taught valuable lessons. She didn’t even get mad when she found over 500 freezie wrappers hidden behind the couch after my sister and I snuck them from the freezer over several months and stashed them. We grew up playing outside all day, eating dirt, making potions, and going to different festivals, libraries and events.
My mother never graduated from high school. I truly believe that because of this, she never really instilled the importance of a quality education in us. Supportive of almost everything that we did, regardless of consequences, it wasn’t a surprise when she expressed her support when I told her I was dropping out of high school to pursue work. She was equally supportive when I decided to move out at age eighteen and pursue my independence. After all, this is exactly what she did at my age.
Before I had even obtained my high school diploma I tried the college thing and wasn’t passionate about the subject. At around the same time, I was successful in a job interview which landed me with one of the major Canadian banks. I decided to drop out of college and pursue fulltime work. My mother was over the moon supportive of my new career, and I was even happier to be able to help her financially.
It wasn’t until my twenty-second birthday that my mother sat me down and had the educational conversation with me. She recommended I put the effort in to obtain my high school diploma, so I would have more opportunities then she did growing up. So, I did what my mother told me, and I got my diploma. Fast forward to age twenty-eight, after 10 years with the same company, I called my mother. I told her that I had a dream, and that dream was to pursue medicine. Without hesitation, she expressed her support. No hesitation to my age, my current financial situation, my lack of education thus far, just pure unconditional support for me.
So here I am today, pursuing my undergrad then medical school and everything in between with my cheerleader at my side. To my beautiful mother, who although struggled with her own demons, put everything aside to be the biggest support system anyone could ask for. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the struggles, snuggles, and cry sessions, because if it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t have had the strength to pursue my dreams now.

Thank You Mom & Dad

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