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Thais Castillo

Thais Castillo

I want to thank my mom and dad because they risked everything they had, and everything they worked their entire lives for to give me a life full of opportunities. Thank you both for working hard, and going through two tiring years of applying to immigrate to Canada.
I remember the day we received the letter that held the decision you'd been awaiting, and I remember the absolute joy, and relief that washed over your faces. Although I didn't understand what had happened at the time, I see now that you sold all of your possessions, and sacrificed everything without hesitation just so that you could bring me here; a safer country.
Thank you for the sleepless nights of filling out paperwork, and thank you for giving me the life I live now.
Most of all, thank you for supporting me through the though times, and thank you for believing in me. It's because of you that I am now pursuing a career as an actuary in the best country in the world.
I hope that someday I can pay you both back for everything you've done for me.

Thank You Mom & Dad

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