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Anna Chevalier

Anna Chevalier

He is someone who thinks he never does enough for anyone, when in reality, he is the most caring and thoughful individual I have ever encountered.
He was laid off January 6th 2017 his from his job that he got on my birthday back on January 6th 1994.
He believed he was letting our family down from not being able to provide the way he used to.
In retrospect, he has been there for our family the absolute most since he got laid off.
He is someone who will answer "okay" when someone thanks him for his acts of kindness because he thinks he's just doing an act.
He is someone who has helped me through my schooling, advice giving and brightening my day every single time I speak/spend time to him.
He is that person who will call me and say he is in front of my work (25 minutes away from home) to drop off a lunch I had forgotten in the fridge.
To this day, I dont know if I will ever meet someone who is so special to me.
At twenty-four years of age, I am still daddy's little girl and will forever be grateful for what he has done for me and will continue to do for me.
Je t'aime, Papa.

Thank You Mom & Dad

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