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Justice Kanis

Justice Kanis

I want to thank my mom because she is an amazing lady. I was born on febuary 1st 2000, my birth parents couldnt take care of me were into drugs, sellings, and other stuff. Later at around 1 i got taken away to a foster care where i was abused with a metal spoon every day of my life till i was six. When i was six i met a lady i didnt know but being a kid you're all excited jumping around and stuff. I greeted her in excitment to later find out this lady is going to be the best thing that will ever happen in my life. Yes i was a little hard to take care but she was ready for that she knew how to take care of me. She inspires me because she took in a kid at an 45 years old, parent me as a only parent and still raised me to be the girl i am now i always thought i will not get to go to college but i am and proud to be she helps me with everything i love her so much shes my mom and im so happy to call her that shes my everything. If it werent for her i wouldnt be living such a great life like i am now. Thank you mom

Thank You Mom & Dad

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