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Trina Ewashkiw

Trina Ewashkiw

I want to thank my mom and dad because anything great that has happened in my life can be stemmed back to them. I thank them for the beautiful farm I was fortunate to grow up in. With that, they taught me the value of hard work and discipline. I thank them for developing close ties with my extended family. Between making cookies with my grandma, riding horses with my cousins, spending the afternoon making perogies with my aunts or having a nice dinner and sitting around the fire in the evening, I know I have many family members to stand beside me. I thank my mom and dad for putting me through grade school to establish a basic education so I can pursue my greatest dream of becoming a doctor. They have taught me to aim high and to persevere, even if it feels like I want to crumble into pieces. I thank them for giving me the opportunities to travel. Some of the most cherished memories I have has been overseas with my class on a Europe trip. I thank them for the countless time they spent on the road driving me to various practices and games. My life has been consumed with sports and without their support, I would never have over seventy medals hanging on my wall, one is a national medal in beach volleyball and another is a bronze medal at PacWest provincials with my university team. I thank them for always providing a nutritious meal and pass down the skills of cooking. Also, to slow down, relax, and appreciate where I'm at in my life.
Most of all I thank them for their unconditional love and support. I can always count on them with any struggles I have in my life and lean on them when needed. My mom and dad are two of the most important people in my life and a thank you is not enough. They have made my life great and I love them more than I thought possible. Home is my happiest place on earth because this is where I can find my mom and dad.

Thank You Mom & Dad

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