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Madiha Jamil

Madiha Jamil

I want to thank my mom and dad because as immigrant parents, they have provided me with optimal opportunities to succeed in my professional and personal life.

It was when I decided to pursue post-secondary education that I realized the sacrifies my parents like many others make for their children. My parents were faced with the worst of circumstances but overcame them all, with a smile on their face and determination in their minds. They had a vision and it was for my sister and I to lead successful, happy lives in whatever we decided to achieve.

When I graduated from George Brown College, I remember my name being called “Madiha Jamil with Honours” and all I heard was the loud scream that came from my mom and dad. I remember walking over to them after the ceremony and my dad’s eyes were filled with tears. He said to me “my dad wasn’t present when I graduated and I’m glad God gave me the ability to see you walk that stage”. I remember crying because we had gone through so much together and this moment was finally here.

My parents for me are everything I aspire to be and more. I’m sure that’s said a lot but they have given me values that I hope to carry forward in my professional and family life. Thank you to my mom and dad who overcame their obstacles to put a smile on my face in the hardest of times. If I can be 10% of who they are as my parents and best friends, I will continue to be a successful woman.

Thank You Mom & Dad

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