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Denise Irlanda

Denise Irlanda

I know that I don't say this nearly enough but I truly am thankful for everything my mom and dad has done for me. Both of them came to a hard decision to leave everything you've known your entire life so that you could provide better opportunities to my siblings and I. After coming to Canada, they worked endlessly to ensure that I would have the means to go after my goals in life. In addition, they both provided me guidance and comfort when I felt like giving up because I was afraid of failing and disappointing them. They assured me that no matter what I do they've always been proud to have a daughter like me. Their words of encouragement definitely inspired me and pushed me to do things that were beyond what I though I could do. What I've mentioned above is only a small glimpse of what my mom and dad have done to make me a better person which is why I can never thank them enough. I only hope that one day I can be living a successful and stable life in order to give back to my parents.

Thank You Mom & Dad

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