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Brooklyn Colborn

Brooklyn Colborn

I want to thank my mom and dad because without them not only would I not be the person that I am today, I wouldn't have got the opportunities that I have received. My dad taught me how to tie my first pair of skates and how to take my first strides. My mom has been there to support me through the ups and downs that hockey has thrown at me. They had to cope with me moving away at the age of fifteen to play midget AAA hockey in a different city and fully put forth the money to pay countless hockey fees and equipment repairs and medical bills. Without them I wouldn't have been offered many opportunity to play college and university hockey. I want to thank them for being the most supportive and understanding parents and for helping me achieve my goals. I know that money will not be able to repay the love and support that they have showed me and continue to show me and everyone around them but I would like the opportunity to make future costs of school easier for my family.

Thank You Mom & Dad

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