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Madison Pearce

Madison Pearce

I want to thank my mom and dad because they are my biggest inspirations and haven’t stopped cheering me on and supporting me, since I was born. I am so beyond grateful that they are my parents and there’s no way I would want anyone else. Even in the toughest times, like when I was a bit of a bratty child, they never stopped loving me and we always were able to work things out. I have an amazing relationship with my parents, and they always support me in whatever descion I make. I want to thank them for accepting my when I came out, thank them for learning and understanding my depression and anxiety, and helping me through the tough days. I couldn’t have asked for more amazing parents. There are always some days where we might not see eye to eye, but I know that we’ll always be able to overcome any challenge. Thank you mom and dad for being the most amazing, understanding, sympathetic, funny and kind parents I could ever ask for. I love you.

Thank You Mom & Dad

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