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Alex Galli

Alex Galli

To my hero’s,
Thank you mom and dad for making such enormous sacrifices for my sisters and I. I know it’s not easy and sometimes we certainly don’t help with that; you’ve had to referee more fights over clothing and makeup than one should ever have to experience. Helping to put all 3 daughters through school has given us the opportunity to pursue our goals and dreams. I don’t think I could ever repay you but I’m certainly going to try. Dad, your job has you travelling across North America every single week since I was born. I know it’s incredibly tough not coming home to your family every day and those hotel rooms and dinners by yourself are lonely but you stay to help set us up with such a great life. We miss you every week so much. I know you hate it but you do it for us. And one day you won’t have to travel every week. If I could give you an early retirement I would do it. You never hesitate to help us out when we’re feeling stuck. Mom raising 3 kids and missing your husband is tough but you’ve done a kick ass job of taking care of us and our grandparents and going to work everyday. Your love, kindness, great advice and shoulder to cry on have helped shape me into someone I am proud to be. Thank you both, mom and dad for allowing me to grow and guiding me in the right direction. Thank you for letting me make mistakes and pulling me out of holes when I need an extra hand. You’ve taught us the value of money which is an important lesson, not to take things for granted and to always pursue what makes us happy.
I love you both always xoxo

Thank You Mom & Dad

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