Natasha Patel

I want to thank my mom because she took care of me even when my dad could not. She is the best even though I do not express as much gratitude or love to her as I could often. Me and my mom don't have a close bond but deep inside she knows how much I love and respect her. We fight a lot but at the end of the day she's there for me and I'm there for her. She always buy me the things I want even if we have financial issues without my Dad knowing because if he found out he would get mad. Where I come from things at my house are not so great, me and family don't get along as much as we should and due to that there is an distance between me and my mom.I don't want to get in detail of my family at home but the things she did for me and my brother, I can't even describe but I respect and love her. So thank you from the boom of my heart, Mom! I love you!