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Jennie Eagles

Jennie Eagles

I want to thank my mom and dad because they always put me before themselves. They have never failed to be there for me when I needed them. They always push me to do my best, which has been a huge benefit to me especially where I’m becoming more independent as a person. I wouldn’t have been able to attend university if it weren’t for them. Between them helping me prepare for my post secondary education, helping me realize what career I want to pursue, supporting my decisions, and helping me out financially with limited wiggle room between paying their bills and helping out not just me but my brother who is also in university; they’ve never failed by leaving me short of confidence, love and money. Half way through my first year of university, my mother had a cancer scare. When all focus should have been on her, she made sure to continue to support me and didn’t let her worry show until she broke the news to me once I got home for Christmas Break because she didn’t want it to effect my focus on the exams that I wrote before I was off for break. My mother would drive 4 hours from our home to come to Antigonish where I attended St. Francis Xavier University, just to be with me when I was sick. One night she showed up at 2am to bring me home with her because I was very ill. My dad is the person who is always pushing me to never give up, to always be myself, and to do my best at anything I do. They both believe that I can be successful at the challenges that I decide to tackle which is the greatest support system that I could ask for. There is nothing that my parents wouldn’t do for me, and there are no words to truely express how thankful I am to have the both of them in my life.

Thank You Mom & Dad

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