Claudia Fournier

Claudia Fournier

Hi mama, as you know I’ve been dancing for most of my life. When I was three years old, you wanted me to have a passion. Something to make my eyes sparkle. You tried hockey, but I wasn’t as interested as Frank, my brother, had been. You then thought of something that might make me smile; dance. Little did you know, you would be running from dance practices to dance competitions nine years later.

Not only are you a mother of two, I can proudly say you are my number one fan in everything I do. You always found a way to get involved in my activities. When I played soccer and t-ball, you were my coach. Now that I am older, you still finds ways to be as present in my passions . You even joined the parents dance team to understand me better. You do your best in supporting me and pushing me to achieve my dreams.

There was a moment in our lives where things got difficult, Where you weren’t making as much money. I had thought about stopping my dance. Paying the bills was already a challenge and I didn’t want more bills to pile up. You would not let me. Even when times were hard, you kept paying for my dance and for my brother’s hockey. You also always kept your smile.

There was a moment where I thought giving up dancing. Sometimes I just thought I wasn’t good enough. You just picked me up, got me on my feet and told me to keep my head high. You told me I was good enough to get on that competitive team! And guess what? With all your encouragement, I made the team!!!

Being a competitive dancer has its perks, but is also very demanding. From the parents, as from the dancers. Although now I can drive myself around, I could not before. I needed rides from you to get dance class. For example, last year, I danced on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday evenings and Saturday mornings. Never was I late to dance and never missed dance class because you had a busy day at work or were too tired to drive me.

Competitive dancing means different competitions. I have at least four dance competitions a year. I’ve never seen you miss one. I could dance once on the Thursday and then on the Saturday and you will always be in the crowd. Most of the time, in the front row.

I guess what I’m trying to say is thank you. Thank you for everything you have ever done for me and what you keep doing for me. Although I am leaving next year for a new adventure, I will always need you to keep me grounded. I love you Mom.