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Lauren Anderson

Lauren Anderson

I want to thank my mom and dad because everything they have ever done has been for our family. They have taught me what love, patience, and kindness means. They have also shown me what the true value of life is-experiences and togetherness. They moved us from the home they purchased together to bring my little sister and I to a better neighborhood and better school. My grandmother moved in with us. We had a big backyard, a dog, and lots of toys growing up. They supported my little sister and I in all of our goals and dreams, no matter how small. My parents have tried their hardest to give my sister and I everything every other child had growing up, even when we were really struggling with money. They also give us treats sometimes. They stand by us even when we do not deserve it. I have to admit I was an especially difficult child because I had Anxiety and O.C.D. My parents poured so much of their time into trying to find a way to help me. They took me to tons of counselors, read every book imaginable on the subject, and never gave up on me. Thanks to their early intervention, I can now handle what life throws at me just fine! I just really want my mom and dad to know that I appreciate them because I am afraid I don't make that clear enough. They are now supporting me as I go off into University and are helping me save for it. They are the best.

I love you, mom and dad!

Love, Lauren Anderson.

Thank You Mom & Dad

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