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Emily Donelle

Emily Donelle

I want to thank my mom and dad because they have supported me through my success and my failures. They have continuously pushed me to achieve my goals and ambitions, not matter what they may be. From always being in the stands at innumerable sporting events, driving me to practices, games, school and work, to watching me receive dean's list honors in my first year of university, they have been with me through everything. They have made me understand that I can do anything I want in life as long as I am dedicated and work hard. They motivate me to see the big picture, especially during unexpected or disappointing outcomes, when I need it the most. I am beyond grateful for the time and effort they have given my brother and I, every single day, without any complaints. I realize how lucky I am to have such amazing parents who are completely dedicated to their children's well being, success, and happiness.
The one thing I am the most thankful for about my parents is that, without really knowing it, they have taught me what the real meaning of life is. Through love, family, laughter, and hard work, anything is possible. Being kind, helping those in need, supporting your loved ones, working towards your goals, and never taking yourself too seriously are the things that will always bring you a sense of pride. So far, in my relatively short young adult life, this is what I have learned from my mom and dad. I know this is what has allowed me to develop into the independent, hard-working, driven, and confident young woman I recognize myself to be.
So, for all of this and so much more, thank you mom and dad for always being so supportive, encouraging, and motivating. I am truly the luckiest girl in the world to be able to grow and share my life with such incredible parents and people. You both deserve more than I would be ever able to give you, but this letter will have to do. I love you.

Thank You Mom & Dad

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