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Khrslyn Cruz

Khrslyn Cruz

I want to thank my mom and dad because they are always there to support me in every decision I make. My mom works so hard to support me and my two siblings since we were little. She sacrifice a lot for us to have a good life and to have a good education. My mom is from the Philippines and went to Hong Kong to work and fulfill our needs, she sacrifice her life and time for us. When she was offered to work here in Canada she accepted the offer and though of bringing us here, since there are a lot of opportunity for us here.She worked two years in Hongkong and six years in Canada, she's been away for us for eight years she did not mind doing it because she needs to be there for us. She always think of our future and our lives first before her. She is so selfless to the point that she will do everything for us, just like last year she decided to go back to school and pursue her dream and during those days, she will have school during morning and work the afternoon until night time. She never gave up on us and on her dreams which motivates me to strive harder. My mom is a single parent, but being a single parent is not a hindrance for her to achieve her dreams and to fulfill our needs.My mom is every loving, caring, cheerful and a hard working person. My Dad, even though he is not with us because he is in the Philippines I can still feel his support and his love for me. I thank him for being there to support me, listen to my problems and to cheer me up every time I feel down. Even though he is miles away I can still feel his love and care for me. When my mom is working in Hong Kong for two years and when she tranfered here in Canada for six years, he is the one who took care of us. He is a strong, loving and caring person.
I want to thank my Mom and Dad for everything. Thank you Mom and Dad for loving me unconditionally. Thank you for understanding me during my moody days. Thank you for sacrificing your time and effort to fulfill my needs. Thank you for inspiring me to strive harder. Thank you for supporting me all the way. Thank you for being there during my ups and downs and thank you for being the best Mom and Dad.

Thank You Mom & Dad

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