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Carly Ateah

Carly Ateah

When I was around 10 years old, my mom was hit by a drunk driver. Since then, she has been terribly ill. Heart attacks, seizures, and days of extreme pain. She barely gets by with a measly amount given for disability (when she should be making money as a aircraft engineer) and no medical expense care, but if you think this has made her any less of a provider, you would be mistaken. Of course, without the same energy as she had before, she would still do her best to be at all of my school performances, all of my sports games, and provide for my activities. She put me before herself and deprived herself of everything she deserves in life so I could have it. If anyone deserves to catch a break, my mom would be on the top of the list. Still providing a stable foundation as we are trying our hardest to put myself through college. Also, the dedication and work ethic she had before the accident has made me the hard working woman I am today. Thank you mom for everything you have given up so I could have it all.

Thank You Mom & Dad

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