Ali Naqvi

Ali Naqvi

I want to thank my mom and dad because they are my heroes.

When the word hero crosses my mind, I imagine a person that is always there when you need them. They are the only people that can give you that push that you need when you can't do it yourself. In their heart, they have a special place for you that will never leave, even when they're gone. 16 years ago I was introduced to a new dimension, and aliens tried to take me away. Back then I called them aliens, but today I am gratified to call them my parents, Shabeh F Syeda and Syed E Naqvi. To me, there are over a million ways that I could talk about my parents. But what they have done for me cannot be described in words. I would like to be aspiring, selfless, and courageous just like them. Suppose maybe one day my own children can experience the same thing.

Every day when I wake up I see my parents face, and a thought runs through my head. Wow, what I would do to be just like my parents. They aspire me every day. They wake up, work day and night. Taking care me and my family. It's never them it's us first. They always meet the expectations of a parent, but they also go beyond it. Every day they take away their free time to take care of us. When my mother was young, she would always be awake before the birds, because she wanted to go to school early and study. Even on the electrifying rainy days, she would walk through the rain with her books. Nothing was going to stop her from reaching the goal she set for herself. On the other hand just looking at my father a respected man with a respected job, it just wants me to be more like him. That struggle that they made just for our future is why I am aspired to be like them, and will continue to be. Not just physically, but spiritually in my heart locked away forever.

the word selfless is an important word when it comes to my mind. Usually when I think of selfless the main thought that hits me is the thought of my parents. The sacrifice, blood, and sweat that they poured into their and our future are sacrifices I cannot forget. My mother and Father gave out their hearts studying day and night. If the lights went out, there were no excuses. They would use a candle to light up the area to study, it only did not light up the room but it also lit up their future. There were a lot of restless nights because they wanted to create not just a future for themselves but a future for their children. The one thing my mother did I will never forget she sacrificed her job as a pediatrician to take care of us. If she wants to she can review and become it again, but she cares about us more than herself. Also, my father always thinks about us before he even takes his own breath. And truly that to me sounds like a selfless act.

The most courageous people I have met in my life are my parents. They will do anything and everything to make our family feel safe and happy. When we moved to Prince Edward Island we had been in Souris just to take a trip to a quiet place. At the time my mom and dad, my brother and my sister and I were walking on a long, lonely road as if the road had not met anyone for years. At the time I was 4 years old. There were 3 of these oversized aggressive dogs barking at us like we had stolen something from them. They tried to attack us, but my courageous parents. stood in front of us and protected us. They ran away as if they had seen a ghost.

Now you might know the answer to what I believe is a hero in my magical ordinary life, it's always gonna be that person that gives you the push you need, that you can't do yourself. I chose Shabeh. F Syeda and Syed .E Naqvi to be my heroes because I cannot see anyone else in their place. Shabeh. F Syeda and Syed .E Naqvi will always be my heroes. From the start till the end. They will always be in my heart till the moon shuts down.