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Oluwatobi Edun

Oluwatobi Edun

I want to thank my mom and dad because they have sacrificed so much for me to be able to attend one of the world's top universities: the University of Toronto. Your sacrifice of spending 5 years physically apart, to ensure that my younger brothers and I get the best education and future possible is truly remarkable. I will always be grateful for your encouragement and advice through the difficult times that I faced while at university, as it helped me to succeed academically and in my contributions to the university. Thank you Mom and Dad for being an inspiration to my brothers and I, as the embodiment of perseverance and love. There are not that many parents in the world who would endure so much pain financially and relationally to ensure the best for their children and that makes you truly special to me. You deserve the best as you move on to the next stage of your life. My wish is that you will be rewarded in great measure for your love, sacrifice and perseverance throughout the years. Just as you have given your best for my brothers and I, may you receive the best.

Thank You Mom & Dad

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