Rahul Balasundaram

I want to thank my mom and dad because they sacrificed their lives to come to Canada so that my brother and I could pursue a better education and ultimately, better opportunities.

I have seen you struggle to adapt to this new lifestyle, but you have always supported us. You both were there for my brother as he jumped into high school and completed his university education. You both were there for me as I completed elementary, middle and high school in Canada, and you have been the biggest support system as I moved from Toronto to Ottawa to pursue my post-secondary education.

It is difficult to imagine life outside of Canada, but you both made it happen. I have seen you struggle with finding stable employment by dealing with long spells of part-time employment and unemployment, but you continue to do everything that you can to support us.

I only wish that I can make you proud one day and to give you everything that you ever wanted. Thank you for everything.