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Ye Rin Lee

Ye Rin Lee

I want to thank my mom and dad because, they made me who I am right now. My parents sacrificed their life in South Korea to give my sister and I a better life. Since they have immigrated to Canada, they have been working 12 hours everyday to support our family. Even 5 years back they were in perfect health, but recently due to age they have been complaining about hip and back issues. Even though they are in such great pain they continue to work 12 hours a day to support my sister and I.

I personally believe my parents deserve to get a treat after their hard work. When we just immigrated to Canada, we got into a huge incidence where my dad was scammed by his friend and sold all of my dad’s property and wealth, we were stuck in a country with a few dollars left in our pockets. My parent's were devastated, but didn't tell anything to my sister and I. That incident had happened in 2006 and now its 2018 and I had recently found out this news 2 years ago. They had hid it from us so we can focus on our studies, but during my childhood I remember this moment on my birthday where I had to share a little cupcake with my sister and my parents didn't even have a nibble just to give us a little more. Thinking about those moments now, just form tears in my eyes and just makes me sad I couldn't do anything for them. I thank my parents for trying to be the best you are, even though we have times where we don't get along, we always put aside those differences and love each other more than ever. It was the first time for them to become a parent and they did amazing, even the though the roads weren’t straight while you raised us, and there were big bumps and little bumps I am truly proud of my parents. Even though my family aren’t the richest or the wealthiest and we get into fights due to our hardships. I am jealous of no other family because of the love I receive. No money can buy love and happiness, but it can make someone less worried for their income, and brighten their moods. My parents deserve to a pat in the back and I feel like they should rest for at least a day. I love my mom and dad with all my heart and it would help them pay off their loans they had made to support my sister and I.

Thank You Mom & Dad

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