Shannon Dubreuil

Shannon Dubreuil

I want to thank my dad because he has helped me through thick and thin. I got into a accident on the road last week and he selflessly bought me another little car. He didn’t have to search for another vehicle for me in his spare time. I am over joyed that he cares that much about me to help me fix up another one so I can go to work.

I’m so thankful for the fact that he has stood up for me anytime someone was being unfair to me. He always gave me the best advice as he could give me when I became confused. Dad is so patient with me even though I may not always understand everything he is talking about. It brings me happy tears of joy to call him my dad. I love him so much and he deserves the world. I don’t know what I would ever do without him.

When my brother and I were kids he would work his butt off to truck drive all around North America. My brother and I would stay up late at night waiting for him to come home from the road.

When we were small, I remember he would patiently work hours at a time to fix my mom’s little CRV. I remember watching him outside the kitchen window on his back under that car. He’d tinker around in there and I’d bring him sandwiches and soup that Mom made him. I’d try to keep him company, but I’d always end up playing in the sandbox or tireswing he made for us.

I love the fact that I got my stubborness, my sense of humour, and my “tough cookie” drive from my pops. I will always be his little girl.