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Devin Hewitt

Devin Hewitt

Wow, where do I start? As a kid I wasn’t anything more but an athlete. Sports were my passion; hockey, soccer, track and field, volleyball etc. If there was a team I was on it. Now if you’re familiar with being an athlete or supporting one, you know how time consuming and emotional it can be, not to mention costly. I come from a very busy family. I have four other siblings; a younger brother, younger sister, and two older sisters. Never once have I missed a practice or game, unless for medical/health related reasons. Somehow, someway, my parents always found a way to make it work. Living off a tight budget for everyday necessities such as monthly bills like hydro or their mortgage, to keeping dinner in the table every night. It was by no means easy, at all. There were never an excuses for missed oppurtunities growing up. It wasn’t until I grew up a bit that I realized just how committed and unselfish they were for my siblings and I. Thousands of dollars on an annual basis for registration, equipment, traveling and much more. And that was just on me, let alone the rest of us. Mom had to give up her desired path of ECE and dad has been between jobs for as long as I can remember just trying to find better paying jobs to accommodate all of us. They’ve sacrificed so much, invested all their time into us, and gone without everything just to give us what we want. Struggling through life, paycheque to paycheque, and managed to make it work for 20+ years, with more to come. No amount will ever add up be even remotely close enough to say thank you for all of what they’ve done and continued to do. Through all the ups and downs, tears and smiles, wins and losses; Mom and Dad, thank you.

Love, Devin

Thank You Mom & Dad

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