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Gloria Djuricek

Gloria Djuricek

I want to thank my mom because she didn't really have a lot when she came to Canada, she didn't even know much English. A year after she came she got married and had me. Growing up, I remember she did so much for me even though you could see the stress on her face. You could see that she was tired and didn't get enough sleep. She worked two jobs a lot of the time and I would only see her for 15 minutes at a time most days because she was always trying to support. She has always been there for me even though I haven't always been there for her. My mom is my hero. Even though things weigh her down a lot she always manages to make it though and thinks about her kids first. Yes, we do get into disagreements a lot but that doesn't mean that she doesn't love me. She's trying to protect me from the bad things that are out there in the world. She's trying to look out for her first born daughter. My mom is the person that I trust most in my life. I can trust her with anything and I know that whenever I need help with something, she will always be there. As I get older, our relationship becomes closer and I'm very thankful for that. I'm thankful that I have a mom who loves me for who I am and supports me even when I do things that she doesn't exactly like. So thank you mom for everything you do. Like they say, not all hero's wear capes.

Thank You Mom & Dad

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