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Fadzai Johane

Fadzai Johane

I want to thank my mom -

Thank you for never giving up on me even when I had already given up on myself. Your sacrifices, meant a better life for me - even if it didn't mean the best for yourself.
I want to thank you for putting me first because you saw worth where I saw none.
I am where I am today because of everything you have done.
Your resilience, strength and bravery have inspired me more than you know.
From my lowest moments to my highest points - you've taken care of me all on your own.
If I could be half the woman that you are; I would be a blessing in someone else's life.
It was your love and your courage that showed us light in dark times.
And despite the little we have, we have never gone hungry.
Your hard work and efforts kept a roof over our heads and clothes on our bodies.
Thank you, mom, for showing me the true meaning of love.
I have never wanted for anything because your love for us has always been enough.
I am so proud to be your daughter but even prouder to have you as my mother.
With a soul as beautiful as yours, I would never want for another.

Thank you.

Thank You Mom & Dad

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