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Madison Snow

Madison Snow

I want to thank my mom because she’s one of the sole reasons I’m alive today. Without her, I don’t know where I’d be in life. From visiting doctor after doctor to get me a diagnosis as a baby when I couldn’t walk properly, to being by my side during yearly procedures and 7 surgeries throughout my life, she’s always been there for me. She’s been my biggest supporter since she knew I existed and she’s never stopped moving forward once. Her words of encouragement have helped me gain the strength to get through school and pursue post-secondary. I’ve spent years in chronic pain due to incurable conditions and even at my worst, my mom has never let go of my hand. We’ve gone through a lot of loss and hardship together but she’s my source of light and laughter - always. She’s told my siblings and I that we are her life, but she’s the reason we’ve grown into the people we are today, and we can never thank her enough. My mom is always looking for ways to help me through the pain I endure every day, and even though I can never fully repay the love, time, care and compassion she’s showed me (and so many others), this would be such an amazing gift to give to such a deserving, wonderful human being. Not only was she a nurse for many years, but she was also a caretaker for seniors, and is now a disability advocate and program coordinator for people with long term disabilities. She deserves the world and I want to give it to her some day.
You are my sunshine. I love you, Mom. Always.

Thank You Mom & Dad

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