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Heather McKinnon

Heather McKinnon

I want to thank my Dad because he is always there for me. My Dad and I have had a very close relationship ever since I was little. We are best friends. He always knows how to cheer me up and to motivate me. He helps me in every possible way that he can. He hasn't had it easy financially, but he has always done and is still doing his best to help me achieve my educational goals. When my parents' relationship didn't work out, my Dad took full custody of me. Because of extenuating circumstances, my Dad didn't receive any financial assistance or child support. He had to manage every cost that came up and it was really hard. Through all of this though he has always been smiling, always been there for me to talk to, and has never taken anything out on me. He has taken every curve-ball life has thrown at him in stride. I am so proud that he's my Dad.

Thank You Mom & Dad

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